Commercial Installation
Commercial landscaping is broken down into three phases: design, installation and, most importantly, maintenance (see our landscape maintenance section).

Usually the design phase is done by a landscape firm that is already working with the architect. The key issues in commercial landscaping are size and the correct quantity. These two items are essential for the simple reason that all landscape material has been approved by local zoning officials.

Next is the installation of all plant materials. Our company will comply with the specifications received by the landscape architect giving the business owner peace of mind, making the final steps of the project worry free.

Once the landscape project is completed, and the site is inspected by local zoning officials, we then put together a maintenance package for your newly completed landscaping.

Our company looks forward to working with you in completing your commercial landscaping projects. Donít hesitate to call us at (203) 866-0841.

Commercial Installation - Norwalk Glass Co.
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